Calling Issue.


I have Trixbox setup all fine, everything works, apart from one thing.
If I ring an incoming number, the "Call Group" phones ring OK.
On "No answer", it's set to "Play SIT Tone". It does that internally, no problems..

If I ring externally, it seems to go on a long time, then my internal phone stops ringing, but, the ringing out sound changes (gets louder) and just rings forever - no SIT tone, no busy tone, nothing.. and as far as I can see, no way to get that call back.

I turned voicemail off before, as it was directing to the Voipfone Voicemail if I didn't answer, which I didn't want - I just want a busy or SIT tone instead. As it's only external, I'm guessing it may be a Voipfone setting?

Any ideas?


Calling Issue with Voicemail Switched Off

Hi Daz.

I noticed the same problem when I disabled my voicemail service that Voipfone provides.... I initially thought that by doing this it would allow me more time to get to the phone, but it didn't... What seems to happen is that when the timeout (about 30/40secs) for ringing the actual phone has been reached if voicemail was active it would be re-directed to that, but the fact that voicemail is disabled it seems to switch to a dummy ring tone and leaves the incoming caller sat listening to the dummy. As you say the phone has stopped ringing at your end so you can't answer it and the poor sod calling in is sat like a dummy listening to a dummy ring tone. It caused me a few problems and the only way I could sort it was to activate auto attendant on my phone system, forcing the line to be answered.



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