Some questions

Firstly I'd like to apologies if these are covered already, I searched but couldn't find anything.

I've downloaded X-Lite 3 as version 2 kept crashing on me and was happy to see a DND button.

So I've been playing around with voicemail and noticed a few strange things.

Firstly turning DND on seems to activate instantly, turning it off seems to take a few minutes. Is this normal ?

Secondly with DND off when an incomming call pops up I have two options on the softphone display, answer and divert to voicemail. If I click divert to voicemail they get send to my voicemail box as me, ie. They hear the 'press 0 for options.....' message. This seems somewhat odd to say the least.

Finally in the account settings for X-Lite there are two options for number to send voicemail to and number to call to check voicemail, i've put 1571 in both of these. Is that correct ?

Thanks in advance


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