Snom 300 Attended call transfer

I am having problems with call transfer using our Snom 300 phones. I can transfer the incoming call to another extension as follows

* A calls B
* B answers by pressing Line 1
* B places A on "hold" by pressing Line 1
* B dials C
* B announces transfer
* B presses F-Key "Transfer"
* B gets disconnected from A and C
* A is transferred to C

The problem is that B is then left with two Line lights lit up, surely if I have transferred the call then my lines shouldn't stay active? The only way I can get rid of the active lines is to press the X key on each line, which seems to be a bit of a keymashing exercise. If I do this, when I get back to my normal idle state I find that my headset doesn't work and the speaker icon is displayed on the LCD!! I then have to go through the menu and reactivate my headset! This is after every call transfer, which is a pain in the backside to say the least. What am I doing wrong?


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