Hi all, Need some advice with a small problem I have. I use SJ phone as my SIP client software which connects via WIFI. Only problem with this is the sound comes out of the handsfree speaker and not the built in ear peace. There is away around this apparently its called BT Audio. It pushes all audio to your Bluetooth headset fom music, satnav commands everything. I have tried using this application with no success http://www.teksoftco.com/index.php?section=bluemusic . Does anyone out there no of a BTaudio application that works with there tytn mine is on orange if that make any difference.
As mentioned I use SJ Phone as my sip client software does anyone use anything else. I would like to be able to receive calls via one provider and make calls from another. I think you can do this with SJ phone is that correct? Would that mean I would have to have 2 separate profiles? No big deal if you do just would be nice to do it from one.
Anyone know if the TYTN II will be out on Orange???

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