Using VoIP on a PDA running Windows Mobile 6

Am having problems using Voipfone on my PDA, an HTC Wizard running Mfrazz's new ROM (from XDA-Developers) which includes Schep's VoIP software.

I have included all the settings up to and including the nat outbound proxy and a numeric

I have had this working before (but only apparently with a hands free headset, the earpiece doesn't ever seem to work) and the Windows Mobile opening screen did show Voipfone. Now however it doggedly refuses to work: VoIP service is set at Whenever Available and the phone is connected to the Internet but it always shows Internet Calling: NO SERVICE. In the past it showed Voipfone practically immediately I put in my account number and password.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or is there a better ROM for VoIP service. Mfrazz insists that all VoIP support is now built into the ROM but freely admits that he hasnt tested it as he has no VoIP service and wont answer questions on the subject.

Re: Using VoIP on a PDA running Windows Mobile 6

OK everyone I have now got this working:

I changed the registrar address from to and suddenly the PDA sprung to life!

The Today screen identifies Voipfone as being "selected".

> Registrar / SIP server : (apparently you mustn't use
> Outbound proxy: (similarly I would bet you shouldn't dare use

The only think left to ponder is how to port the sound to the earpiece: Everyone reports that the only way to use this service is with a hands free headset. People on xda-developers have known about this problem and have been working on it for some time: No results as yet

Thanks to Licensetoquill for this.

Note - the outbound proxy should only be used if the PDA will not work without it.

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