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Whats the latest on the Nokia N95 working with Voipfone? I have tried all the suggestions in the other topics but am yet to get my N95 working for more than a minute or so. Most of the time I can make an outgoing calls but incoming calls only work some of the time.

I read in another topic that the Stun/Firewall settings cannot be set in the UI but the phone has the ability to find a Stun server using a SIP SRV Query if there is not one already set. Are Voipfone going to be setting up this feature to allow the new Nokia phones to function correctly with the voipfone service?



Incomming calls on voipfone when used on a mobile device will not work correctly!

There is nothing you can do about this, and it has nothing to do with a Stun Server!!!

It's because you cannot enter the regisrty expire time as 60 seconds via the UI.
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