That depends on:
- How many calls you make
- How long those calls are on average
- What codec you're using

Most phones default to using a g.711 codec which uses about 100Kb/s. This provides great call quality - provided you're calling another SIP user. If you're calling (or being called by) a PSTN number, it's no advantage at all.

The GSM codec uses about 40Kb/s per call. It's the same codec as used by mobile phones, and is fine for most PSTN calls.

Note that the figures for these are *bits* per second, not bytes. To work out how much of your bandwidth allowance a call is using, use the following formula:

bandwidth used in KB = call length in seconds * codec bitrate / 8

So a 10 minute call using the GSM codec should use around 3MB. Using a g.711 codec would use around 7.5MB.[/list]

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