Homehub question?

I use the home hub with the above hack to make it work with voipfone.

I can call in/out with it ok however I've had a couple of people complain of an Echo when i've called their phone using the hub...

Sounds fine on my end it always seems to be on the PSTN end, any ideas on what It could be causing it.

I was wandering if there is some setting I Need to try and locate/change to stop this from happening.

Even if someone doesn't know what exactly its called on the hub it would be helpful if they could tell me what its called on another voip adaptor so i could have a look for anything similar.

Echo is almost always caused by the devices at one end or the other - once the audio has been converted to an IP packet stream, you wouldn't get an echo effect introduced, only something like stuttering or a "daleky" quality.

The most common thing is if you're using a softphone on your PC (like the X-Lite or SJphone). If your headset isn't up to the job, it will be likely to introduce echo. USB headsets are less likely to do this, but can still suffer from it. USB handsets are usually slightly better. But a proper SIP phone (like the Snoms) is much better still.

If you are using a SIP phone and are still getting the problem, it may be because your handset volume is too loud, and so the other end's audio is being picked up by the microphone.

Some info here too:

http://www.voipfone.co.uk/Voipfone_User ... c174940275

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