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I have just purchased call queuing today. I have set this up so that all lines are now selected as call queuing so they will get the "you are caller 1 etc" message.

However, my question is that all those lines that I have set up for call queing are on the main 3012 account number. I have one telephone line that is set to an extension and I need this to be included too, however if I change this then it will be on the call group and not the extension.

Is there a way to do this, or am I lumbered with call queuing all lines apart from the one allocated to the extension?

Lyndsey McKendry

Sorry we don't quite understand your question.

When you have a number set to go to call queuing, it will ring all extensions which have their 'group' boxes ticked here ... e=view-pbx

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I have 7 telephones lines, 6 of which were mapped to the call group and one was mapped to extension 200 so that this one line rings at all times and the other ones only ring within specific buisness hours.

I want to be able to have all lines set up under the call queuing, but if I change the one line that is mapped to the extension, then this will only ring within the set business hours instead of at all times.

Is there a way for all lines to be set up as call queuing while only one line rings at all times, and the other ones ring within set business hours?
Lyndsey McKendry

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