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I brought the above phone off e-bay as it clearly states it works with x-lite. I have it working with my skype fine.

When it comes to x-lite it seems to work with e speak phone ok but i can't get it to work once you pick the reciver up. i have looked the settings and tried to swap a few around int he audio but nothing seems to change.

I have even looked for a driver called xmate but can not find it.

Would I need to swap my soft phone? Or is there something I am not doing?

Cheers, Johnny

This phone you talk of is really only supported by skype, however there are third party drivers that will allow this phone to work with X-lite as well as several other softphones.

You need the Xten-mate drivers in order to get it working though, the seller should have provided you with a link or the driver itself!

Try googling for them, if I manage to find the link I will post back here with it shortly.


UPDATE: I have found the driver you need, download it from the link below and enjoy your new phone:
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Thanks for that have downloaded it and got it half working.

Still need to use the computer to confirm the call ie dail the number and then press the green button on the soft phone. (That seems to be the case with Skype too)

The major problem I am having is getting the phone to ring when calls are coming in. The soft phone pops ups but the USB phone does not even ring.....

I'll have a play with the settings but any hints are would be welcomed.

Thanks for the link though, you have been a great help.


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