Voipfone and Windows Mobile 6

Hi there,

Following information on the web, I have created the following _setup.xml config file to create a provisioning cab file (using cabarc) for my Windows Mobile 6 phone for it's Internet Calling feature.

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<characteristic type="VoIP">
<parm name="SIPSettings" 
   value="<provision key='1232ab01' name='voipfone.co.uk'>
             <provider name='voipfone.co.uk' /> 
             <user account='30XXXXXX*203@voipfone.co.uk' password='XXXXX'
             <sipsrv addr='nat.voipfone.co.uk:5065' protocol='UDP' role='proxy'>
                <session party='First' type='pc2pc' /> 
                <session party='First' type='pc2ph' /> 
             <sipsrv addr='sip.voipfone.co.uk:5060' protocol='UDP' role='registrar'/> 
          </provision>" />
For outgoing calls, the file works perfectly - I can make calls without a problem whenever the phone has a useable wifi connection. The problem is that the phone always shows "voiphone.co.uk: Searching", and I cannot receive any incoming calls.

Any ideas on how to adapt this file so that incoming calls work as well?



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