Possible Siemens S450 Setup


i have been shown the Siemens S450 product, and it looks pretty good, but i have a few questions as someone has asked me if they can implement it in the following fashion;

they want to register each of the 4 dect handsets as its own extension, and also have 3 other fixed voip extensions.

when the main number rings, all the phones ring (so a simple call group) and when a specific DDI is rung, then it will ring one dect and one fixed voip phone.

is this possible?

the call group is easy, if each handset can be a seperate extension, but getting the DDI ring on a DECT i think will be more tricky.....

If this works I assume it will then be possible to pass calls between the extensions, dect or otherwise seamlessly.

Also - is there voice paging and/or call parking on the DECT system (i am not aware that VOIPfone offers call parking), and has the dial plan issue been resolved so that numbers beginning with 1xxx can be dialed?


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