Transferring calls (attended) with Snom 300

We are having problems transferring incoming calls to another extension. We currently do the following:-

The customer calls they are queued and someone in the call group answers.

We speak to the caller and they want to speak to lets say ext 205, so we press L1 then dial 205 then press Tick. Ext 205 answers, we say Mrs Smith is on the phone for you, then we press Transfer.

Now 70% of the time this works, for 30% of the time the caller is lost in space? There is no patern at all.

Blind Transfers work OK but we need the opportunity to advise the person who the caller is.

Anybody have an idea?

Thank you!

We're having a similar problem on attended call transfer on Snom 190s.

It's not reliably reproducible - most days all transfers work fine. Other days, 50% will fail (though thankfully these are fairly rare).

We do much the same process as you - an incoming caller needs to be transferred, so we put the incoming call on hold (getting a new dialtone) and then dial the extension to put it through to. To transfer the call, we just hang up.

I've raised it with Voipfone and they've asked me to log exact details of each failure. They may then decide to put debugging on our account to see exactly what's happening.

Yes we have tried not pressing transfer at the end and the same happens, Im sitting here in our office now and in 10 minutes we have lost 5 calls!

Voipfone please help us, we are not alone!

David Newns

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