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A request for the current number that an account is diverted to, to be displayed on each of the Voipfone account pages please.

The system for call divert is a really useful service. However after a number has been allocated to call divert, it is easy to forget that the account has been diverted..... PLEASE would it be possible to show at the top of each page in the account which telephone number that the account has been currently diverted to. This could also say NO DIVERT IN OPERATION when there is no call divert.

It would also be very useful if on logging out a pop up box could ask politely, THIS ACCOUNT IS CURRENTLY DIVERTED TO XXXXXXXX Telephone number, do you wish to leave the call divert to this number ???? with a YES or NO button. If YES no action if NO then when the NO button is clicked on it would take a user back to the DIVERT CALL section.

If there is NO call divert in action then this POP UP window would not have to appear when the account is being logged out.

Hope that my logic can be followed............ I welcome comments please. John Edwin Skelton john@inslovakia.sk
John Skelton, can be contacted directly at john@inslovakia.sk or on VOIPFONE 30096850

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