make calls without useing proxy?

Hi, is it possible to connect and make calls using voipfone without using the proxy?

I realize the proxy is what makes NAT traversal so trivial with your system but for various reasons I have SIP accounts with a number of providers [0] and I use Ekiga [1] as my softphone which doesn't yet support using a different proxy per account, [2] only one for all or none.

At the moment using stun I can make perfect 2 way calls with all my accounts, but with voipfone they can hear me while I can't hear them.

I don't know what would be different about you than others, is there a way round this other than running siproxy which x-lite [3] seems to be allergic to?

[0] voipfone, voipuser, ekiga & FWD
[1] was gnomemeeting
[2] version 3 will but it's some way off
[3] SWMBO uses x-lite + FWD to see my out-laws in Oz 3 times a week, which is an awful lot better than having to go there 3 times a year so that can't go.

Mmm, if I'm using siproxd on my router I can make calls without even useing the excellent feature of that daemon to route traffic destined for different domains through different sip proxy's.

It can also set the Differentiated Service Code Point which can help routers (your own and upstream) implementing QOS prioritise voip traffic and improve call quality.


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