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Hi everyone..

I have just got my SPA962, and am having a couple of teething issues, so wonder if anyone can help.

1. The LCD display doesn't time out, so its always on bright. Can this be altered so that the backlight goes off after 'n' seconds, and then re-activates on an incoming call?

2. The key lamps are always on green for an idle line. What I want is to have them off for idle, and then another scheme for ringing/busy/hold, etc. Is this possible?

3. When I left the handset and dial a number, I have to press the DIAL softkey to actually make the phone dial - can the phone not time out and auto-dial after 'n' seconds?

4. When a call comes in, I want the caller display to show the number calling and the DDI/DID that is being called. At the moment, it just shows the calling party CLI twice.

I am using the phone configured with two lines mapped to a single extension on the v-pbx.

Any suggestions would be useful, as the product is lovely, and I want to buy more of them, but would like to get these issues sorted first.

Thanks very much for your help!


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