SNOM 300 / SNOM 360's - Call Problems with PBX

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We've personally been using voipfone for over 18 months, with SNOM 360's and very few problems - transferring calls works OK etc. etc.

I've just set up a client with voipfone - and they are having no end of problems - calls dropping etc, however the main problem they are having is transferring calls. The only difference we can see is that they are using SNOM 300's. Has anyone experienced problems with these phones, and can you suggest anything we can try to resolve it?



We use 300's, and have had no problems with them.

Check the firmware you're using in these phones ... 6.2.3 is the latest Voipfone approved version. We have 6.0.3 in our Snom 300s here (which is what they cam with from Voipfone).


Can you tell me how you have them configured for call transfer - and what procedure you use for attended / unattended transfers?


I am just updating them to 6.2.3.....


Hi guys - I have 45 SNOM 300s - I'm using v6.5.8 - and it's very stable, no lost calls on transfer etc.

There is just one tiny bug - not to do with call transfers etc.

I had many, many problems with earlier versions of the SW - inc those recommened by Voipfone.

Prefs > redirection > event: after timeout > timeout (sec) "10" > save.

This sets the phone to divert to VM after 10 seconds of ringing.

If you now set one of the function keys to divert incoming calls; push that button to set the divert; then push the button again to un-divert - you will find that the redirection has defaulted back to "Never".

SNOM say they will fix it.

It's late, and I'm pissed, but that's the kind of bug that makes us love snom phones.

They do great things, develop hard, admit esoteric bugs - fix them, then move on.

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