Call Groups & Voicemail help needed

I ran into a little configuration issue with the PBX and really hope some of you guys can help me.

I have 5 extensions and 3 call groups.
I'm trying to achieve the following

I have a 0800 number which needs to ring on all extensions, 2 direct dial numbers which need to ring on both the hardware home phone and the soft phones of the 2 users and 3rd user which works only on one location.

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0800 --> call group 1 --> all extensions

DD number user 1 --> call group 2 --> 2 extensions for user 1  

DD number user 2 --> call group 3 --> 2 extension for user 2

DD number --> extension for user 3
The 0800 number needs to stick to business hours and be directed to voicemail afterwards which should be delivered to the email of user 3 (secretary).

The DD number for user 3 should also stick to the same business hours and drop voicemail at email for user 3

The other two DD numbers should preferably not have to stick to business hours as they are trainers which would get phone calls from delegates who are trying to get to grips with their study material in the evening.

In the evenings the numbers should also still be able to call each other internally and make external calls.

The problem is that I can only set extensions to business hours not the actual phone numbers. Also the voicemail for the call groups end up in the main account voicemail box and I don't see any way to ensure that they are actually sent to the responsible user for the call group.

Is there anyway of achieving this and if so how? as I'm really drawing a blank here at the moment.

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