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A new VoIP user here and looking for advice on hardware.

I want something fairly simple to use for my home business. Caller display would be nice and cordless would mean not having to make a mad dash across the house if I was in a different room when the phone rang :D but this is not essential.

What do people recommend?


Hi and welcome Emma

My advice to you would be to go with a VoIP adapter, something like a Linksys PAP2.

A VoIP adapter allows you to plug a normal telephone into it. This will allow you to run a cordless DCET type phone if you need to. The PAP2's support caller display, so long as the phone you're plugging in has a display, most cordless phones do these days.

PAP2's are extremely customisable and can be set up to do a whole range of things. Voipfone also offer a configuration utility to take the headache out of setting them up.

We have a centralised head office and several offices around the country, apart from a Snom for our reception phone we use purely PAP2's and get along with them just fine.

They're really good value for money too.

Hope this helps, good luck with your leap to VoIP.

Tom :D

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