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I'm just in the process of setting up my new Snom 360 phone and have successfully set up the first 3 Lines (identities) with my different voipfone accounts. I've set up the last one - Identity 4 - exactly the same way as the others, but it's showing a square symbol crossed out for that line on the phone's menu - the others have a small phone symbol next them.

I cannot select this line by using the down arrow on the phone, it just skips back to Line/Identity 1.

The line is set to active, and I've checked the spellings - everything seems to be in order. I've also set up the account on Line 3 and it works - so it's not the account, it's the Snom not recognizing Identity 4. Identity 4 is also not showing up in the set up page for the 'P' functions keys - ie it's not showing in the dropdown menus, but line 1, 2, and 3 are showing. I thought you could have 4 separate accounts/lines on the Snom 360 - I really need all 4 lines to be working in order to take my clients' calls.

Anyone got any suggestions?

You know, I did find setting up the Grandstream GXP 2000 a lot easier!! :lol:



I've just had a play with our 360 and managed to add a 4th line.

What version of firmware are you using? This may be causing you problems.

We are using an old firmware, version 4.5 I think.

I tried V6 firmware a while ago. There's a huge post about it somewhere not working for me. Call TX was unreliable so V4.5 is staying for now.

When I get some time to look into it again I may try a newer firmware, but after the downgrade process. (pain in the arse!) I may leave it for a while yet.


I understand - v5 snom firmware was a nightmare and we highly recommended everyone not to upgrade.

However, V6.2.3 is fully tested and works well. All our snoms now ship with it.
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Ooops looks like I kinda hijacked this post, Sorry Tracy.

I might give the new firmware a go at the weekend, when I can get access to the phone.

Tracy are you using V6.2.3?



I am now, thanks to the friendly folk at Voipfone Support.

Code: Select all

Kernel Version:	snom360 linux 3.25
Application-Version: snom360-SIP 6.2.3
Rootfs-Version:	snom360 jffs2 v3.36
The Identity 4 problem was fixed by changing some of the settings I had done. :oops:

Phone is up and running and no problems as yet.

However, I must repeat that I do find the actual Grandstream phone interface and layout much more straightforward, but the software to run the phone for the Snom seems more useful - they should do some cross-product brainstorming in my opinion.

The Grandstream has the four buttons across the top under the LED display which are obviously the 4 Lines, and it clearly tells you the name of the account that's ringing, without having to set up the address book to recognise the number etc etc. On the Snom, I have to set up the Function keys along the right-side so that I get an appropriate blinking light, but it's just not obvious enough, and I've lost 4 of my speed-dial keys on that panel as a result.

In my opinion, the four buttons along the top of the Snom under the LED display, should be set up as the 4 Identities (ala Grandstream) rather than menu accessible icons. If anyone knows if this is possible, then please pass on the info. And is there anyway to get rid of that space-taking clock face? No, thumbs up for software/web-based interface on the Snom, but for me the Grandstream is much easier to use when you need to answer the phone in four separate accounts and know immediately which one you're answering!



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