SNOM 360 - no sound on handset


I've just bought a new Snom 360 off eBay - the box was unopened and all the bits were in sealed plastic bags. The ethernet connection cable wasn't included - is this normal?

I've just set it up via the Voipfone setup wizard and it works using the handsfree speaker function, but I'm not getting anything over the handset - no dial tone, nada!

Before I start complaining, has anyone with a Snom phone had this problem? If so, is it fixable, or do I need to start the old return and refund joy!? :cry:



Lift the handset and look at the on-hook switch located on the base unit. You should see a piece of black rubber, inserted for trasnsport reasons, which you have to pull-out before the on-hook switch will operate (its about 1" long x 1/8" wide).

On one of my phones I had to remove the cover (very simple) to extract the rubber - on others it was easy to pull it out by hand.



Snom don't include an ethernet cable - something we find irritating too.

The small rubber widgit which locks the hanset off-hook switch (found on the main body of the phone under the earpiece of the handset) can be removed by depressing the switch and pulling it gently out.

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The button under the earpiece cradle was depressed when it arrived - no movement and certainly no rubber piece 1" wide that I could see. But after reading your posts I took a closer look and saw a tiny section of rubber poking out (about 5mm!). One pair of tweezers and a sharp tug later, the rubber piece has come out.

I'm just about to test the phone again.

Thanks for your help.



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