Buying new(ish) router/firewall/modem QOS advice needed!

Hi People.

I am new to this whole voip thing and voipfone (in fact this is my first ever post on any forum!) and looking for some advice.I am just getting into voip and need some advice on router/firewall/modem purchase.

I have been reading up on the forum (great resource btw well done all)and have some basic ideas of what i want and where i hope to go. I am not in IT but know a little and am learning as i go.

In the first instant I want to have a simple system for use with an adsl connection that will be duel usage voip/internet. later down the projects life i will look at 2 dedicated routers one possibly sdsl for voip and one for internet/email as discussed in other posts. I am also looking to eventualy go down the asterix/trixbox route!

Handset wise I have managed to get myself a couple of elmeg290 and am also looking for some advice on a wifi cordless ip.

So looking for a router that supports QOS , wirless or modem included or separate i dont know if there any advantages . System will eventually want to be able to run 6 to 8 voip phone. Want to eventually get a static ip and run some kind of network that i can access from outside and really have not managed to learn much about vpn and firewalls nats ect!

This is all for a community eco housing project and training center so happy to look for equipment off ebay for used stuff and we have very little funds to work with.

What do you guys recommend? What should i be looking for and at.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Tom :D
not an "it" professional but desperately trying to learn and appreciate all the help!

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