If you've connected it to your computer, presumably that's because you only have one ethernet connection at your desk and you want the computer and phone to share the same one.

You need to have the phone taking the place of the PC on your network, and then the PC "hanging off" the phone's connection.

You need to plug the cable that goes to your router (the cable that previously went into your computer) into the socket on the phone marked "Net".

You then need an additional ethernet cable running from the socket on the phone marked "PC" to the network socket on the computer.

Thanks for this - The problem is we have a wireless network - Therefore the office (upstairs) is where I want the phone (next to the office PC) which is connected via wireless to the router (downstairs)!!!

There is no that I can move the router or just place the phone downstairs.....!!!! Soooooo frustrating...!

Any help please?

I'm afraid the only way you're going to get a reliable connection with your Snom 300 is to have a wired connection to your router.

There's multiple possible solutions to your problem, but none of them good. You could buy an additional wireless access point and bridge them (an expensive solution). You could use Connection Sharing on your PC's wireless connection (but then your phone would be down when your PC is off or rebooting). But in any case, you'd be unlikely to have a reliable connection.

Wireless and VoIP are not technologies that mix together with a high degree of reliability. VoIP is *highly* reliant on low latency conditions, and *highly* intolerant of sproadic pauses in network traffic. General PC network traffic (by and large) doesn't care about either of these.

The best solution to having a phone by your (wirelessly) connected PC would be to do the wireless hop using a wireless technology designed for the job - DECT. Either buy an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) and attach a regular DECT cordless phone base station, or try the Siemens C460IP DECT VoIP phone (though check the reviews - there are some criticisms of this phone in some usage patterns).

we have a number of these dotted around with snoms and elmegs plugged in to them and they work perfectly http://www.homeplugs.co.uk/acatalog/Dev ... Plugs.html

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I am using 4 home plugs from netgear in my set-up, 2 are connected to Linksys IP phones, the other 2 connected to Router, computers, printers etc.
The ones I am using have a built in 4 way switch.
I have found these brilliant as a stopgap until I get round to wiring the house for a network.
Should have no problem using these in your situation and far more reliable than wireless.

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