Cisco IP Phone 7912G phone

I have just got a New phone its an Cisco 7912G phone, and i have just found out you dont get a power lead with it? its a DC48V but i am not sure where to buy 1 from?

i been told i dont need a power lead for it to work cus it can get powered by the network lead. AM not sure this is true but could anyone help me please.

Thank you

You can get a brick for these phones from or ebay, which is about 20 quid.

If you have a Cisco PoE switch you can power it over the ethernet, but this must be using the cisco prestandard PoE. I've heard it is possible to use a clause 33 PoE injector on cisco phones by using a special pin-out, but for the sake of 20 quid it's probably not worth messing about with.

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