Hope this helps,

To display the web configuration page of the phone enter its IP address in a web browser connected to the same network, this will then display the phones front page.
Enter the phones password the default is 0000
then click on the tab settings, then click on the tab telephony, depending on the firmware you can then enter all required account information or if later firmware click on edit to bring up the configuration page.
an example below,

Authentication Name: Voipfone user number

Authentication password: Voipfone P/W

Confirm authentication password: Voipfone P/W

Username: Voipfone user number

Domain: sip.voipfone.co.uk

Display name: Your name

Proxy server address: sip.voipfone.co.uk

Registrar server: sip.voipfone.co.uk

All other settings should be OK as default depending on your network.


Many thanks. That worked great.

It's strange though because yesterday I was looking at the same telephony tab but it didn't have the edit button available but today it does??? I wonder what happened last night? Anyway the settings worked today so again many thanks.

I'm having a problem with increased echo to one particular number now though. When I phone the number using my old sip provider - Voicehost.co.uk - the echo isn't as bad as when I try using Voipfone.

The only difference I can see in configuration is that Voicehost has a STUN server and Voipfone has an outbound proxy server but I can't see why using a different provider would cause this problem???

Pleased you got it working, I suspect the phone updated itself to the latest firmware.

I have been having problems with echo on my phones over the past 6 months due to my ISP having a really badly congested network. Its fine during the day but evenings and weekends it is really bad. I am changing over ISP on Monday so hopefully these problems will be a thing of the past.

You should not have any problems with Voipfone over any other VoIP provider, I suspect it may be congestion with your ISP and when you tried Voipfone the congestion may have been worse.

A simple way to check the delay is to open up the command prompt in windows and type in.. ping it will then give an indication of the delay between you and Voipfone, it should be below 40ms, otherwise echo will start to be a problem. Mine during the evenings from Virgin is well over 200ms ! Sometimes as bad as 500ms to any provider or Internet site, It would be well worth checking this at various times of the day.

I do however find the siemens is as good if not better when handling poor Internet connections.


Thanks I've just pinged the IP address you mentioned and the pings were around 17ms so no problems there. I should say the echoing affected just one contact, other contacts weren't affected, and this echoing wasn't there today so it probably was due to congestion on the network.

I will continue to monitor the situation over the next few coming days.

Many thanks for your help,

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Just a quick follow-up - I changed from voicehost to voipfone in my Siemens configuration, phoned the problem number and there was slight echo reported where before there was none. I then switched back to voicehost and there was still echo reported.

So maybe it's hit and miss on this one particular number whether there's echo or not. The echo is slight enough for it not to be a problem to the receiver though so I'll leave it for now.

I pinged both sip servers and the voipfone server (as mentioned before) was around 17ms while the voicehost one was around 40ms so you'd expect voicehost to be giving me more problems (maybe?).

Anyway I've had enough of tweaking so willl finally make the change to voipfone now, which I believe has the better voip options and payment plan for me.

Can I just ask one last questions though as I am new to Voip in general - Should I use an outbound proxy? Thanks, Paul.

Great stuff!
Pleased all is working well, siemens seem to have added a few more features in the later firmware, not sure what it all means yet.
As support mention, if it works OK without proxy set all should be fine.


If anyone works out a technique to transfer a call to another VOIPFone extension (not another handset on the same base station) please advise as I'm still trying to find a solution to this.

I also never got the MWI working for me, has anyone had success with this?



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