Number unobtainable

We have a PBX set-up and use a geographic number.

It has come to our attention that sometimes when the geographic number is dialled that rather than being put through, the number goes to a dead unobtainable tone.

There appears to be no obvious reason why as to why this is happening. Redialling the number may or may not work.

This is concerning as we are now worried that we have been missing calls and potential customers.

Anyone any ideas?

We've had a few reports today of our incoming callers getting the BT "You have dialled incorrectly - please check the number and dial again" message.

I've been unable to reproduce this, and we haven't had any more reports today.

Has this only been happening to you today, or over a longer period?

And who's your ISP?

Each extension is on a different connection - so it covers Demon, BT, NTL and ZEN.

We only noticed this today - but that does not mean it hasn't been happending before.

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