How do I configure the Safecom SDSIP-3000?

I have been trying all morning to configure this phone but no matter what I do, it won't connect to voipfone.

Here are my current settings:
I've tried various combinations of ports, server names and god knows what else and frankly it's starting to really get on my nerves :roll:

I'm behind a NAT router, on which I have enabled port forwarding to the IP of my IP phone.

If anybody has got a safecom phone working, please save me from baldness and post a screen shot of their config.

For a start, don't use "". You *must* use "".

Also, your "Proxy Server" setting should (I think) be the same as the "Domain Server" setting - ie both "".

Finally (and purely cosmetic) set the "Display Name" to be your name - this is what gets shown on other VoIP phones that you call.

Still no connection unfortunately.

I suppose it would help if the phone's software had a logfile so I could see which stage the connection is failing at, alas Safecom didn't think it was a necessary feature to actually know what the phone is doing. :roll:

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