SNOM 300 Caller Name Display

I am trying to set up the SNOM 300 display such that when someone calls their name appears on the display.

I have set up the address book with several names/phone numbers. If someone in the address book calls, and the calling number is a PSTN number, the corresponding name appears OK on the display. No problem.

But if the calling phone number is a SIP URI, only the SIP account number (e.g. 30123456) appears on the display, not the name.

I have tried all the "Number Display Style" options, but I always get SIP account numbers on the display.

Ideas anyone?


I've cracked it, and I'm now really confused!

In the address book, I have removed the SIP provider part of the SIP URI, leaving just the account number. For example, I changed "" to just "30xxxxxx". Now I get the corresponding name in the display.

But when I use the address book entry to dial such a SIP account number, it works! In other words, when I select a "30xxxxxx" entry in the address book, the phone apparently appends "" and dials the right number.

How does it do this? Does it assume that:

a. Because the number does not begin with a "0" it must be a SIP account number?

b. Because no SIP provider was listed in the address book entry, it must be the provider to which the phone is registered.

I can't find any trace of an editable dial plan anywhere.


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