SPA-2100: Setting up Speed Dial?

I'm trying to set up speed dialing on an SPA-2100.

Under Voice > Advanced > Line 1 > Supplementary Service Description, I have set Speed Dial Serv
to Yes.

Under Voice > Advanced > User 1 > Speed Dial Settings, I have put a phone number, terminated
with #, into the Speed Dial 2 box.

But when I dial 2 on the phone, all I get is a long silence followed by the number unobtainable tone.

I have also tried entering the phone number from the phone itself, by dialing *2 followed by the
number and a #. Again, I get number unobtainable (I was expecting an acknowledgement of two
short beeps), and the phone number does not appear in the web's Speed Dial 2 box.

What am I missing?


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