Nokia E61 VOIP Question..

It has been reported that the E61 monile supports VOIP. Does this phone have the facility to enter sip details etc. and send & recieve calls in it's native idle state?

Or is it jsut that it is sufficiently ppoerful to run some third party application that will give it the ability to make & recieve VOIP calls?

I'm wondering whether a Nokie E61 in my pocket could be used as an extension on our Voipfone PBX?

In other words... (As long as Wifi is enabled, obviously) could you call a Nokia E61 that's in my pocket, not being used, over VOIP and get it to ring and accept an incoming VOIP call?



It has a native support for VoIP, but it does not work reliably with all VoIP providers. With Voipfone, it loses registration after a while and there are no settings to tweak to improve its performance. Also, the WLAN does not work reliably with all access points. I have given up using VoIP with the E61 as it is not worth the hassle.

We have 4 E60s working great in our office using the voipfone pbx.

But I have had problem using the phone behind certain routers, the E60/1 at the moment does not support STUN (nokia say this is coming in a next firmware, but no signs yet) so you can experiance SIP registration and NAT problems.

We use an intertex sip aware router which is why we dont see problems in the office. See my other post...


OK - I have four of the e61s and I want to configure them - but no matter what I do they don't ring!!

Does anyone have a crib sheet of wht we should do in what order

Frustrated of Leyton

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