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I am using the siemens phone on one of my pbx extensions and although I don't use it a great deal it seems to work fine whenever I do!
I have the IP side set-up with voipfone and the pstn connected to the BT line.
The only issue that I do have with the phone is that it has a very basic dial plan, that only allows you to enter your STD code, when this is set you don't need to dial the code for local numbers. However if you set it up this way you cannot dial voipfone extension numbers or voicemail! I have disabled the dial plan and it works with voipfone fine, just need to dial the code for local pstn numbers.
Not tested the emergency numbers but it is supposed to send those to the pstn.
If you dial * after the number dialled it puts the call out over the pstn, not sure about how this behaves with voip numbers with * in them, I just dial 200 etc.
I have been having major issues over the past few months with Virgin net, pings in excess of 400ms! I have been having some echo problems with my phones however, as far as I can tell the siemens handles it just as well as my other phones, maybe slightly better than my linksys SPA942.
So far the best combination I have found is a Linksys PAP2 and a Philips Onis 200 dect phone, this combination worked very well until the base station decided to pack up! Good caller ID support, great dial plan and very clear audio (after much tweaking of the PAP2)
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I'm also giving a couple of these a try to expand our swystem to a couple of other sites. They should be with us tomorrow. I wanted to by from VOIPFone but they were out of stock. How straightforward is the initial setup?
If you dial * after the number dialled it puts the call out over the pstn, not sure about how this behaves with voip numbers with * in them, I just dial 200 etc.
Can anyone else expand on how you would dial a number with an extension?

+4412345678*101 ? Would this go out over a BT landline?



A day on and I thought I'd better edit some of my initial findings....

Well the C460IP's and C46IP Additional handsets arrived today and I'm pretty disappointed. I'd really like some comments of other user experiences of these phones, but I reckon mine will be going back tomorrow :(

Here's my experiences of the first few hours with these phones...

Compact: Combined BT & VOIP Dect phone is an ideal solution for us to expand our phone network into employee homes without the need for bulky additional hardware.

Excellent Base Station Range! We have a large premises and the single base station covers the whole site more efficiently than our old BT Dect phone

Cheap: Great price, though price wasn't a high priority issue for us

I can't hear anyone!!!, our office isn't what I would call noisy, but the call volume is just plain inadequate, even with the voice setting on the base station & handset at their maximum. Despite retrying some different options & reflashing, this phone remains too quiet, I made a few calls today and the user the other end noticed that the call volume (ie loudness) was at noticeably lower level than on our normal Snoms. I still find it very hard to hear what they are saying too, if our office was silent it wouldn't be quite so bad, but that's not the case.

No Message Waiting Indicator on IP Line, It's supposed to work, but it doesn't. I left myself some test messages from another extension but there was no indication that they were there. I've tried loads of different things but this just plain doesn't work. Missed call is fine, just no hinto of waiting messages.

Could not retrieve messages from Voipfone, I could get to the Voipfone message service, however my key presses to select the necessary options were not recognised. When I phoned Siemens to ask for some advice the "Press 1 for Sales etc." worked fine, but in my mailbox I couldn't retrieve the messages.NOT TRUE! Cured this by changing to Sip Info in the phone setup

'R' Key call waiting doesn't work as far as I can tell, if you are on an IP call and a voice call comes in it will only ring on the other registered handsets. If another IP call comes in it doesn't work either. Still doesn't work, meaning I can't put the call on hold to use the other line if necessary

Those are the main functional problems I've encountered in my first few hours, but in addition there are some design flaws/limitations that also make this unit less desirable. However I have to add another major flaw...

It would appear to be impossible to transfer a call to another extension, other than other DECT handsets registered to this specific base station.

1/ Only 1 VOIP Service allowed... I love VOIPFone, but some of my bigger customers are with other service providers. There's no facility to register with additional providers, something that would also help should your main service go offline for a short period.

2/ The 100 Number Address Book can only be populated from the individual handset and cannot be shared. You can copy individual numbers or phone lists between handsets, but if you update a number on one you them have to do the other handsets. There's no facility to import phone lists, or even enter them from a web interface.

3a/ Individual Handset Identification is Fixed. Not True, Handsets can be renamed, it's just that the option isn't listed within settings/configuration, it's under the "INT" transfer button

3b/There's also no visible "Handset identification" apparent when the phone is not in use, you cannot see just by looking at it which handset it is (unless you disable the screen saver I guess). Still True, but this just makes the pretty screensavers useless, with them turned off you can see the Handset ID

4/ No Onboard Answer Machine, I know you can use BT-Callminder for your landline messaging, but an integrated message service would have been nice. I've never used BT Callminder or an external Answering Machine, but you'll need to do so if you want to receive messages on the BT line

5/ Not enough pleasant "ordinary" ring tones (as opposed to Music), and the better ones there are don't seen that loud. I went for "Telephone", but it was too quiet. I reckon they just don't go loud enough, I spoke to someone else today who disagrees. I can't use the music tones due to the number of times the phone will ring, but if you're not close-by, maybe in an adjacent room, or have the Telly on at a reasonable volume I just don't reckon you'll hear this phone.

6/ Entry interface is a little annoying, whenever you get to the end of a list of options to choose between you get a "BACK" option as the last in the list. Invariably you end up being taken to the previous Menu level. It would have been much nicer if they simply rotated the options on the level you have currently selected, or just stopped giving you more options when you reached the end of the list. This is hard to explain, but if you buy one you'll see what I mean. It IS a little annoying at first, but you soon get used to it's idiosyncrasies

7/ VOIPFone Outlook TAPI dialler didn't work.... To be honest I didn't give it too much of a try, I installed, tried to use, didn't work, uninstalled. It previously worked with the Snoms I set up. I reinstalled once but then gave up. I didn't retry this as their are sufficient other problems to mean these phones are not for us

So how has everyone else got on with this phone? I don't have a good replacement solution, but this one just doesn't work out for me. I think we're going to have to add some more Snoms and forget trying to combine the services in a single phone.


BTW. I did firmware flash them to see if that helped, and I'm not hard of hearing :)

PLEASE could some other users comment?



I desperately wanted this phone to work for us, but the limited volume level, lack of working voip mailbox MWI with Voipfone, and the fact that it doesn't have the facility to transfer calls to other extensions in the workplace other than other Dect phones registered to the same base station means it just doesn't fit the bill.

That said however, so long as you have an alternative landline Answering solution I reckon it would make a great home-use replacement for the typical BT Dect style phones. It has good range and once you get used to it it's pretty easy to use.

So now to hunt for an all-singing all-dancing PABX friendly BT/VOIP Dect dual solution.

If it's not out there yet, hopefully it will be soon.


IanWade wrote:Hmmm. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm not too concerned about call forwarding or MWI not working, but low audio volume knocks it on the head. Pity.

I've spoke to a number of other people who've not had the problems I have. I think some of the problems are to do with our working environment, the Snom phones work just fine for us, but it is very difficult to hear people of the C460IP.

If the MWI problem and lack of true call forwarding aren't a barrier I'd suggest you go for it, so long as you are not in a noisy environment.

I was going to keep these for domestic home use, however a pal who came & saw them bought them all off me for cost price so there's not much wrong with them in the correct situation.


We have passed these comments on to Siemens as we are sure they will appreciate the detailed feedback and may be they will be able to fix some of these minor issues in their future firmware releases

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Voipfone Support wrote:We have passed these comments on to Siemens as we are sure they will appreciate the detailed feedback and may be they will be able to fix some of these minor issues in their future firmware releases
I also passed this info on to Siemens :)


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