Re: Anyone ported a BT number in?

commadus wrote:If I have a BT local number starting 01 then if I port that into VOIP does that then replace my current 056 number?
Hi Commadus,

Your ported BT number appears as an additional number on your Voipfone account details and you just pay Voipfone £1.99/month for the presentation of it, not bad at all really... Its far better than messing about with PSTN to Voip gateways...



At the moment I have an 0870 no routed through to my local number 01484.

If i port this 01484 to Voipfone will I still be able to use the 0870 no without any issues?

What effect would this have on redirection?

Say somone phoens my 0870 no which is terminated to my 01484 which you now manage can I still have this redirected to my mobile?

Is there any cost for transferring the 01484 no in?

If so could I not just sign up and get an 01484 no and map the 0870 no to the new 01484 you give me?

Unfortunately Callagenix do not route 0870 no to an 056!

I just cannot get rid of my 0870 number as I paid a lot for it and all my customers have it.

Porting your 01484 number to Voipfone doesn't affect your 0870 forwarding at all.

You can still forward an incoming call to 01484 to your mobile from Voipfone.

Information on porting is here:

You can get an 01484 number from us and have your 0870 provider forward to it. It would certainly be easier and cheaper.

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