One account to ring two hardware devices

I am looking for a set up where ringing a number will ring two hardware phones at each end of the house simulaneously. (PAP2 and a Grandstream 2000) They both work well on their own but when BOTH connected only one (usually the pap2) will ring. Other voip service providers (e.g. sipgate) seem to ring both devices with noi problem. I don;t really want or need to get into PABX. I think voipfone wins on many fronts but it woudl be perfect ifI can get both phones ringing.

answer from Voipfone

Here's the answer

"To get both phones ringing you will require two PBX extensions, these cost 99p each per month. Having these means you will be able to transfer calls between the phones, you will also be able to make 'internal' calls and transfer calls too.
I'm afraid our system does not allow more than one phone on one account. Each device needs its own extension.
Kind Regards
Voipfone Customer Services"

- very prompt respone from voipfone (minutes)
- as I suspected - it's server side setting

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