All Circuits are busy

Hello all.

I have setup voifone on an Aastra 480 CT and took the plunge of trying out Asterisk or Trixbox.

I followed the helpful advice and was able to receive incoming calls. I use another provider with Voipfone and if I add another trunk I get the dreaded 'All circuits are busy'.

There is a lot to learn with Trixbox Version 1.1.0, Kernel Version, 2.6.9-34, Centros release, 4.3.

What should I start to look at in order to fault find?

Many thanks.
Seamus Hannigan

I've just completed our install - some teething problems more to do with my understanding of asterisk than anything else. We have most calls routed thru voip, mobile calls going thru a zaptel trunk - works fabulously well!

Have you checked your outgoing routes? I was getting the same message when the outgoing routes were not set up...

I could take a look at your config if you can allow me access to the web interface and give you some indication of what you need to do. Asterisk can be ultra tricky to iron out - but once done you can leave the box there forever more!!


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