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am I right that with an 0800 number that calls to it cost the caller nothing unless they are calling from a mobile network or internationally, and that the calls are charged at 3p a minute?

What is the typical charge to an 0870 number from a mobile phone? (the reason I ask is that a customer recently told me his mobile bill showed calls to our 0870 number costing £1 per minute?).

thanks for your help.

Calls to 0800 are free from a landline. When someone calls it your account will be charged at 2.25p per minute ex VAT (3p inc VAT)

Mobile rates vary enormously depending on the provider and the contract. Both 0870 and 0800 should not cost more than 40p per minute and usually less. £1 per minute is a premium 09 call.

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many thanks for the info - I think I will need to see this persons mobile phone bill as I think the £1 per minute thing is not quite true, 40p sounds much more realistic.

thanks again

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