Safecom SDSIP-5000


I've got the above phone for inbound and outbound calls. At the moment, its utilising a geographic number, although within a few months (once the business cards have run out!) I intend on replacing it with a freefone number.

Before any of that, I need to get it working.

Its all fine, except for call forwarding. I have a button on it for forwarding, and I've tried entering another geographic number and a mobile and neither works.

If I take divert off, it rings through with no problems, if I put divert on, I just get a 'the number you have called is not recognised' - which obviously doesn't look good to prospecitve customers...

any ideas?

Hope I'm being reasonably clear :)

Fixed (kinda) - the forward button itself is still not working, but I've written on one of the customizable buttons Logout and assigned it to unregister from all.

The button about (registration) logs me back and and PSTN failover is set to my mobile.

So all I have to do is push 'logout' and calls are diverted to my mobile. Its actually amazingly easy, easier even, than using the call forward on the phone.

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