Linksys Wireless G Adaptor


I bought one of the Linksys Wireless G Adaptors for VoIP phones as I'd like to have an IP phone in another part of my house. I've followed the install guide and the software says it is connected to the wireless network in my house, but my phone (Snom 360) doesn't register on the network.

Has anyone else used these devices or got any suggestions?


What's the exact model number of the Linksys device you're using?

Did your Snom register OK when it was directly connected to your main router via a wired connection?

Have you used your house wireless network successfully with other devices (particularly those that are using DHCP)? If not, this is the first thing I'd check.

Secondly, I'd look carefully at the wireless security settings ... I've had many problems getting WPA and WPA2 to work with different brands of devices, and usually have to fall back to WEP security.

my laptop and airport express don't have a problem with DHCP on wireless so i doubt its that.. and im using WEP 128 BIT..

it says its connected to the wireless network, and the green lights are on, but it still doesn't work..

i may disable encryption altogether and see if it works in the clear.

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