How to get a Telephone Number for your Business

This question gets asked a lot and it's such a frequent question for new businesses that we've written a 'white paper' on it.

It's obviously a promotional vehicle for Voipfone but it's also as objective as possible and shows competing solutions (VoIP and non-VoIP), points out downsides (in VoIP as well as normal telecoms) and provide tips for selecting the right products.

Read it here: ... siness.php
The problem

When you start a business you don't always start off renting a nice new office or shop complete with a telephone line and fax machine - lots of people start from home sitting at their kitchen table and trade from a website.

But your new web site needs something behind the 'Contact Us' tab. Customers expect to see a real address and telephone number not just an email address. They want to contact you and you quite often you do too. Without proper contact details people can't really trust you & it makes you look amateur.

Using your home telephone number is not really feasible; your kids may keep it engaged all day, you don't want just anyone in your house answering calls from customers and anyway you should keep your private number private.

A mobile number is expensive for a customer to call and just shouts “Arthur Dailey” at would be customers - if your company can't even afford a phone number why should anybody trust you with their credit card number?

The solutions
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