Transferring calls a second time.

The VoIPfone PBX is dropping the calls on a transfer to a second extension.
e.g. A call comes in and is answered by ext 200. Press the “xfer” button (caller gets on-hold music), dial 201, speak to the user and press the “xfer” button again to put the call through. Ext 201 is now connected to the call.
If ext 201 tries to transfer the call to ext 202 (or back to 200) the call is dropped.
Press the “xfer” button (caller gets on-hold music), dial 202, speak to the user and press the “xfer” button again to put the call through. Ext 202 gets a “Call Ended” message. Caller looses on-hold music and gets an empty line.

Should it be possible to transfer a call multiple times, or can the call only be transferred once?

Linksys SPA-922 firmware v5.1.5 (also happened on v4.1.12 and v4.1.15)



SIP Routers

Not sure what router you are using but we are using a bog standard adsl router (netgear DG834). Voipfone support are saying this can be a bit iffy as far as NAT is concerned so I have just ordered a an Intertex IX68 and Will test tomorrow and let you know!

we had the same issue using the desktop phone (eyebeam). I rang voipfone about this and they told me to press # Twice to transfer a call instead of pressing the transfer button on my pc phone, i havent lost a call since, i suppose this might help in your case but i dont know.


I have not opened our IX68 yet following the advice from voipfone on friday about using the ##ext method. While you lose the attended transfer we have not lost a single call since using this mechanism.
Sticking with the cheap as chips netgear DG834 for now!

You do have to press ## quite quickly though!
(and wait for the phone to say "call ended" before you hang up the first phone)

The ##ext method is basically 10-0% reliable as far as I can tell.

The IX68 we have found excellent for transfering. Not 100% sucess but not bad at all.

I would think with the continuing tweeks we will get there.

We have found using the IX68 it is best to let it do what it can, trying to get it not to use its features causes problems and it does things very very well!
If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!

Transfering a call by using ## may be reliable, but it is a "Blind Transfer". Has anyone worked out how to work around the problem of an attended Transfer??

I have 4 Linksys SPA941's with the latest firmware updates and the call drops when I press the Xfer Key the 2nd time during an attended transfer.

I've scheduled a Bug Fix call with Voipfone Tech support for this weekend. I'll post my findings in this thread.

Linksys SPA941 Call drop Fixed.

To allow the XFER soft key to work properly, you need to enable certain features from teh web console of the phone by doing the following:

1) Login to you phone console using the phone IP address in the web browser (192.168.xx.xx)
2) Click Admin Login on top right of screen
3) Click Advanced on top right of screen
4) Select EXT 1 tab

Scroll down the page to Proxy Registration section

5) change "Use Outbound Proxy" to YES
6) Make sure the entry for "Outbound Proxy" is set to ""

Save all changes and VOILA - you can now do Attended and Un Attended transfers on the linksys SPA941 and variant phones.

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