SNOM 360 - can't call international numbers

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum (and VoIP) and its a steep learning curve
We have 3 extentions on a Voipfone PBX;
1 x Linksys adapter to an POTS phone
2 x SNOM 360
All three work fine for national calls, but only the Linksys adapter can make international calls.
Seems to indicate that the problem lies with the SNOMs

Voipfone support have been really helpful and so far we have;
updated the firmware to 6.5
run the phones with and without proxy
run the phones with and without dial plan (thanks to coolwelshbloke)
But nothing has made any difference.

When we call an international number we dial exactly as on our old BT landline; (we call it regularly so know it works!)
But although the phone display says CALLING there is no connection and no noise in the handset.

Has anybody experienced this problem - or can suggest possible solutions.

Thanks in advance. Richard

Sorry that's our fault, we edited the number and replaced it with xxx so it was not in public view. Having investigated this further it would seem that this is a carrier fault and we have now raised it with the carrier concerned.

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I'm pleased to report a breakthrough :-)

We have been able to call Tobago - works perfectly
001 868 639 xxxx

Not sure I understood Support's post about a carrier problem - would that just effect certain destinations - or be widespread?

Thing is that we have also tried to call Barbados and Spain and it still fails.
There's still no ringtone - nothing - even though the phone says CALLING.

But success to Tobago is a cause for optimism.

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