X-lite version version 3

Just for information COUNTER PATH is now offering X-lite version 3 as a free download. This interface is very similar to EYEBEAM which means that the upgrade path is simple. X-lite version 3 also has the feature that on start up it is possible to drag and drop a web page to display in the right hand drawer unit. That means the VOIPFONE page can be displayed and it is much easier to use the VOIPFONE book or SMS message service etc. You have to drag the page there on START UP at the moment. X-lite 3 does not remember the page if you shut down windows. There are some SCRIPT ERRORS which show up as the VOIPFONE page is displayed, BUT these script errors do not seem to CRASH the web pages. I just clicked on the button to continue to run scripts and everything worked normally. Only one voip account can be entered but what can anyone expect for FREE...... ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE IN VOIP PHONE CYBERSPACE USED THIS VERSION OF x-lite. John Edwin Skelton in SLOVAKIA.
John Skelton, can be contacted directly at john@inslovakia.sk or on VOIPFONE 30096850

xlite 3

Hello I have also downloaded it but have problems to get it working. I get a connection to 155 but I cant here a dialtone. If I dial any other number it doesent connect me at all.

is there a special configuration?

thanks wolfgang

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