Snom - two calls on hold, how to do attended transfer?

Here's a tricky one.

We're using Snoms (a mixture of mainly 190s (and Elmeg 290s) and 320s).

Today, I answered a call and put it on hold to check something.

Then another call came in, so I answered that, and then put it on hold to go back to the first.

Then I needed to transfer the first one. We do attended transfers, so I puy the first call on hold and called the extension I wanted to transfer it to. I spoke to them, and then hung up to transfer the call ...

... but it didn't transfer. Instead, I still had both incoming calls showing on the Snom.

Can anyone else reproduce this? Is there a way of doing attended transfers with more than one call on hold?


OK, I've managed to reproduce this on two separate Snom 320s, one with firmware 6.2.3 and one with firmware 4.1.

If I try an attended transfer with two calls on hold, neither gets transferred (the normal "hangup to transfer to called extension" simply results in the called extension being dropped but the two held lines staying held).

If I try an unattended (blind) transfer, the moment I press "transfer" with one of the two calls active, they *both* get dropped.

Either the Snoms, or Voipfone, or the combination of the two can't currently handle transferring a call when you have more than one call presented on the extension.

Needless to say, this is a major problem for high inbound call environments ...

I've reported it to Snom Support, but I'd be grateful if Voipfone could research it too ...

Here's the reply from Snom ... and I'm pleased to say it all works!

- Have "Transfer on on hook" and "Call join on xfer" switched on in the Advanced settings of the phones
- With two calls on hold, call the destination extension
- After announcing the transfer, instead of hanging up to transfer, press the "Transfer" button on the phone
- The phone display will show the incoming caller ID of one of the calls on hold
- Select the call to transfer by using the <- -> buttons
- Press "OK", or "Transfer" again, or hangup to transfer the call
- The un-transferred call remains on hold

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