DLINK DG-104S help!

Sorry about not being upto date with VOIP, so while replying please consider i am newbie :-)
I have a DLINK DG-104S which is sitting in his box without any use.

I have:
WAN (broadband connection)
LAN (wireless and wired network in my office)
2 numbers from VOIPfone (0845 numbers(1 rel and other FAX) which route to my landline)

Just wanted to know how this VOIP box can help me and save a bit in anyway.
Please guide!

if you have a router already, its not much use to you in saving money.

Try ebay!!! >>> http://www.ebay.co.uk

You best bet would be downloading a free softphone and using it for cheap calls with VoIPfone to save you money!

If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!

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