I have just got a spa 3102 adapter/router I would like to configure it to send all incoming calls from my existing PSTN number to VoIP. I am guessing as you can use this adapter as a PSTN to VoIP gateway this can be done but had no luck so far.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Why do you want to do this like this? Your much better off i would guess calling BT (or whoever you are with) and putting a perminent divert on the number.

Either that or use VoIPfone number porting service if you can and ditch the pSTN forever!
If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!
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Hi Chris,
Well I've tried numerous types of adaptors and to be quite honest none of them are what you might call perfect, speech can be very scratchy and breaks up... At present I use Asterisk with a genuine digium card in and this does seem to be the best out of of them all... I can understand the comments from "Wellandpower" either use a divert to Voipfone or port to them is the best solution.. What I have spent in money and time in the past on adaptors and other gadgets I could have put divert on my BT lines to Voipfone and I'm sure it would have been more cost effective... but as my dear beloved puts it "boys must have toys". You also have to take into consideration that if your ADSL line is carried by BT then you already have a number allocated to it and if its this number you want presenting to Voipfone then that would result in a renumber of the line if you decide to port. My advice is take a good look at the number of calls received on your pstn line and see if divert is a realistic option.



Thanks spireman looks like I'm going to scrap VOiP altogether, mainly due to the lack of help in getting this stuff set up. Amazing that with BT's service being as bad as it is that these guys have not got the fact fact that decent support would make all the difference. BTW I did get his point re divert it was the "dont ask me about VOiP comment, as this is a VOiP forum, a tad strange.


chriss wrote:BTW I did get his point re divert it was the "dont ask me about VOiP comment, as this is a VOiP forum, a tad strange.
That was a TAGLINE, a sort of Signature Statement and not a comment to you. Merely a statement of limited knowledge whilst trying to help where possble.

Wellandpower helpfully answered some of my queries in other threads and having just checked back the same strapline is on the bottom of all those.


Chris, PM me.

I will get your SPA3000 setup so that it sends inbound PSTN calls to a VoIP number as you wish. As others have said, call quality generally is not great. But if you want to do this, i will help you get it sorted!

Mr Man

Could you tell us what you told Chris please.

I have a Sipura 3102, which I have semi-successfully set up. When the BT line rings it rings, when the Voipfone number rings it rings. But what I really want to do is divert all the incoming BT calls into the Voip VirtualPBX system so that I can do all the good things with it (voicemail, group extensions, etc.)

At the moment I can only achieve this by getting BT to divert all the calls, which is costing me about £80 a quarter. (I'm very loathe to let go or port the BT number.)


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