New user (today) has quick question about call quality

I've tried VOIP today for the first time using a Linksys SPA3012. I've made a few test calls and everyone I speak to says the quality is great, however the quality of the sound I'm getting from them whilst "ok", isn't that great, background noise & not that clear. I make a LOT of calls and would like to improve the recieved sound quality.

Is this easily tuneable, or fixable with different Codecs?

Many thanks,


I'm at home right now and the system is at work but I'll reply to that in the morning.

I would say however that I posted the question whilst trying voipfone on my home 8MB/51kb connection. I've never tried ANY voip before so have no comparison.

This morning I moved it to work (also a 8MB/512kb connection but a different ISP) and the sound was a lot better.



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