iLBC Codec - Grandstream BT-101

Hello All,

We have been using our Grandstream Bt-101 voip phones in our office for sometime now without to many issues. Recently our office has grown and we now have quite I lot of traffic going up and down the internet connection. This is causing problems with our Voip phones.

We currently use the codec G711u but I want to reduce the bandwith overhead so our voice calls are more stable.

I have looked into the iLBC codec and this looks like a good option and have tested it on my bt-101. When I make a test call to 152 or 123 or the voicemail everything works great, but when I make a call to the outside world all I get is garbled noise when the other party answers.
Although when I receive a call everything is fine.

I did notice other setting on our bt-101 phones, but not sure what they do...

iLBC frame size: 20ms or 30ms
iLBC payload type: (between 96 and 127, default is 97)

Has anyone had any sucess with bt101s and iLBC?


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