The 'old' NAT Traversal Question

Hi everyone,

I just set up the SNOM 300 on my home WLAN, gratefully with the assistance of Sean.

However within 15 mins the phone shows not registering.

After recycling the modem/router/IP phone it will work again but only for another 15 plus miutes.

After spending hours since Tuesday trying to work this out. (I work from home) I have so far been unable to resolve the issue.

Is it a simple case of working out how to traverse the firewall and router which is a 3com, or should I get an INtertex or such like?

Support tells me I might be wasting money doing that, but I am a relative newbie and it seems to me that there are security issues by opening up ports.

I do have a pc guy who regularly maintains the pc and laptop in my house and he too seems to think this must be a router/firewall issue. He has the pc set up very securely and would not be keen if ports were left open permanantly, for obvious reasons.

Sorry for this vagueness, but frankly I have no idea!

Warm Regards,


It sounds like a router issue, but I wouldn't go to the expense of an Intertex. There are plenty of modem/router boxes that do (or can be made to) behave properly with SIP and NAT traversal.

What router/modem are you using?

Also, can you be certain that the phone is set to re-register every 60 seconds? I know you said that Sean had helped you set it up, but if it wasn't handled properly it could cause this problem.

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