Finding the IP address in the UT Starcom

You need to find the IP address before using our configuration wizard.

Thanks to Chris for providing this information.
1. The most complicated part of configuring your phone is ensuring that it
obtains an IP address (ie connecting it to the wireless network) and
retrieving that IP address so that you can configure your phone for use with
VoIP. Before you start, make sure:

2. After the phone has booted up, you will have to go through the following
steps to verify the IP Address:

a. Press the Menu button.
b. Scroll down to WiFi-Settings and click OK. A notice will appear on the
screen, click OK again.
c. Select Net Search option and click OK. A list of SSID (names of available
wireless access points) will appear onscreen.
d. Select the correct device from the list and press SAVE. Press SAVE again
at the prompt.
e. Select Security Mode from the options list and press OK.
f. Choose the security mode from the list specified by your network
administrator (eg WEP Key or WPA-PSK, etc) and press OK.
g. Configure the parameters presented based on your chosed security mode.
For example, for WPA-PSK, define the PSK key. Press OK to save.
h. Press EXIT until you reach the Main Menu.
i. Select WiFi-Settings again and click OK.
j. Scroll down and select Network Parameter.
k. Select DHCP and press OK then select Enable and press OK.
l. Reboot your phone by pressing the red power button on/off.
m. On reboot, the phone should connect and obtain an IP Address through your
Wireless Access Point.
n. To obtain the IP Address, press Menu, scroll down to WiFi-Settings and
click OK.
o. Select Network Parameter and press OK.
p. Your IP Address will show up on screen!

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