Using XLite Through a Network

This is a bit of a long shot but...

I have XLite installed on my laptop. When I'm away from home it's fine, I find a wireless network and calls-a-plenty! However, at home I don't have broadband (I live in a little village in Mexico, on the beach in case you were interested :D ) and so use a dialup connnection. I'm trying to get a Linksys adapter working, but that's posted elsewhere (help there would be appreciated too though!). What I'd like to do is use my USB phone and XLite from my laptop on the network. When I start XLite it goes through the motions but comes up with a message saying Awaiting proxy login information and there we sit forever.

I suspect the problem is something to do with the proxy server I am using, ProxyPro, but I don't know where, or what, to set to allow XLite through the proxy. I've tried ProxyPro support but their wesbite hasn't been updated for a few years so I guess they don't exist anymore. I also tried using a trial version of the Software602 proxy server but then I couldn't get anything through (internet, voip, email etc) and their support were little help either.

If I can just get XLite working I'll be a happy bunny


it is going to be the fact that VoIP uses 40kbs on a connection, so dialup just isnt going to hack it i'm afraid!

If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!

It's worse than that. Unless you've specifically configured X-Lite to use only GSM, iLBC or SPeex codecs, it'll default to g.711 at 100kbps per call.

But that's not his problem ... it's not a call quality issue. He can't even register ...

Thanks guys. I know the quality will be crap, but it'll better than I currently have. I can worry about configuring it to work on dialup after I can get it to register

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