Review: Of ZyXEL P-2000W VoIP Phone (Right Place?)

I thought I would write a review of this piece of hardware, as having expereinced it I thought it only fair to share those experiences with everyone else.

I purchased this phone from ebuyer, only because voipfone was out of stock on all this type of phone. It is a mobile-style VoIP phone that works on a wireless network.

The phone was fairly cheap for this style, just over a hundred quid at 122.93 + VAT.

I am by no means an expert on voIP phones, but i expected spending this sort of money should get me something half good. I was wrong on this occassion. I have expereinced one other piece of ZyXEL hardwear in the past and this I am afraid outdid that, it really was poor.

The phone was a good size, was fine to hold. It has a poor quality mono screen, which is low resolution. The phone itsself is difficult to program and even harder to get to work.

I had been fiddling with it for about 30 mins, trying to get it to register, but with no luck. The main issues were the buttons, which only responded when you squeezed them to death.

The box must have cost more than this phone to make, ZyXEL, shame on you.

In order not to waste anymore of my time, its all boxed up and a Ebuyer return has been filed and I hope they will let me return this item to them so that I can buy something more suitable (hopefully from voipfone if they have some in!)

Summary, dont waste your cash. voipfone program all the phones for there service (although they are unlocked so you can change it), so I would give them a go. its not worth messing around to save a few quid.

Charlie :oops: << Dropped a clanger on this one.

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